QTI mental health issues space

meeting times: every Wednesday at 7pm to 9pm (English)!

Update January 2018: In 2018 our group will have meetings every week: on Wednesdays between 7-9pm. Our meetings are at AB Queer’s office at Okerstrasse 44 (U8 Leinestrasse). ABQ’s windowfront looks at the street so you can knock there or ring the buzzer on the main building door.  Feel very welcome to join the meetings, no need to message us before! If you have any questions, email us at qtimentalhealth[ät]gmail.com. 

ABQ’s office is accessible, but the bathroom door is not very wide so it may not be accessible for all.

Hi all! If you have mental health issues (or you think you might), come and join us, hang out, connect, share, chill, feel home! This is a super informal and friendly space brought together by a few of us with mental health issues. We don’t really have any concrete plans other than meeting – we just want to create a safer space for people to gather. The language of the meetings is English. 

Feel very welcome to join and/or invite other QTI people with mental health issues along. 

QTI people of color are welcome here! 

Refugees very welcome!

This meeting space is not for dyadic cis men (i.e. only men who are trans and/or inter are welcome).

For any questions, feel free to email us at qtimentalhealth[ät]gmail.com.

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