Our new project for refugees is a contact point for trans*, inter* and non-binary refugees as well as for medical, psychological, pedagogical or other professionals and institutions.

What we offer:

  • Psychosocial counseling for trans*, inter* and non-binary refugees

  • Empowerment and groups (?) for trans*, inter* and non-binary refugees

  • Awareness and eductional work in the field of “gender identity and flight (?) or migration”

  • Information material

  • Further information about the situation of trans*, inter* and non-binary refugees


Psychosocial counseling for trans*, inter* and non-binary refugees:

You got questions about the legal recognition of your gender?

You are searching for a psychotherapist?

You got questions about transitioning?

You are searching for information about hormonal treatment or “gender reassignment surgery”?

You are insecure whether and which medical interventions have been carried out on you?

You have made negative experiences with doctors or other medical professionals and need support?

You feel sad, depressed, lonely or you’re struggling with your mental health and want to talk about it with someone?

You have made racist, trans*phobic, inter*phobic or other discriminating experiences for example at work, in your shelter or in the housing market?

You are involved in conflict with your family or your partner and need support?

You don’t feel safe in your shelter or you already lived insults or violence?

Or you’re simply looking for social contacts and connecting to people here in Berlin?

We offer support and psychosocial counseling around topics such as:

  • Questions about your gender identity, sexual orientation and variations in sex characteristics

  • Coming Out

  • Conflicts in family and partnerships

  • Mental health, f.e. depression, trauma disorders, sleeping disorders, etc.

  • Experienced discrimination by medical professionals, public authorities or other institutions as well as in shelters, at work place or school

  • Access to trans* and inter* specific health care

  • Hormonal treatment, gender reassignment surgery and self-determined medical interventions

  • Reassignment to experienced doctors, psychotherapists or institutions

  • Legal gender recognition

If you have any specific legal questions regarding the asylum procedure, we can refer you to experienced facilities (Stellen?).

We do offer counseling in a personal setting, but also by phone or online. All of our consultants are obligated on confidentiality, meaning that everything you bring to our session will remain confidential and will not be handed to others. Furthermore the counseling session can be anonymous, in case you don’t want to mention your name or any personal details.

If you want to make an appointment, you can contact us by phone call or email:

Email: refugees@transinterqueer.org

Phone: 01773308029

Our consultations take place in our office at Gürtelstraße 35 in. 10247 Berlin-Friedrichshain (4th floor with elevator, currently not accessible with wheelchair – if necessary we can arrange an appointment in an accessible space).

Empowerment for trans*, inter* and non-binary refugees

You want to meet other trans*, inter* and non-binary refugees and build up connections?

You’re searching for a safe place to share your experiences and exchange with others?

You want to connect to the LGBT*I*Q-Community in Berlin?

Or you simply wish to have a space to hang out with each other, cook together, be creative and doing other activities?

Soon we will start a regulary group meeting for trans*, inter* and non-binary refugees that will take place in our offices at Gürtelstraße 35 or elsewhere. We aim to build a safe space, where you can share your experiences, exchange about your life in Berlin but also hang out together and do other activities such as cooking, doing creative stuffs, etc.

If you would like to participate or share your own ideas for the group meetings, contact us:


We’re looking forward to you!

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